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August 5, 2022

Vitalia Active Adult Community – North Royalton to Celebrate Back-to-School Season

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Author: Justina Campbell , Resident Services Director

At Vitalia Active Adult Community – North Royalton, we are always excited to celebrate the Back-to-School season! Partnering with local is typically a year-long effort, but there is a special focus on the time when most students are heading back to the classroom- whether in person or virtually. Our residents find it easy to relate to school outreach efforts as many of them can recall a time when they returned to school as well.

Fostering these relationships helps build a sense of community among students, teachers, residents, and staff. There are plenty of advantages to intergenerational activities- such as decreasing the social and economic isolation so many seniors feel. Research has shown that seniors’ health, memory, and balance can benefit from volunteering regularly with children. Not only do these relationships benefit the older generations, but also the younger ones as well. Studies have also shown that children who interact with elders are less likely than others to start illegal drug use, will more likely have improved communication with their parents, and are less likely to experience depression. Lastly, these experiences can create timeless memories for both the seniors and children involved, such as making a new friend, trying a new game or activity, or listening to stories of each other’s life.

As a brand-new community, we have not yet formed a bond with a local school. We are excited to continue to build ties with our community in many ways and look at the upcoming school year as an opportunity to form relationships. I would love for our residents to have the chance to write words of encouragement to students and faculty, contribute to a teacher’s wish list, offer chances to volunteer, and look for other occasions for us to join.

We have reached out to our local high school via email and are excitedly awaiting a response. In the meantime, our Executive Director is reaching out to some of her contacts.

I believe that showing support to the teens in our community is extremely important, especially at this current point in our society. We all remember being a teenager- it’s hard! Teens are under an immense amount of stress from all angles: school, work, sports, social media, home, family, friends, and the list goes on. High school students across the nation deal with these same stressors and are not only expected to deal with the pressure of today’s world, but to flourish while having to face the lingering fear of what has and could happen during their school days. Although it is difficult, we must keep in mind the school shooting tragedies that have plagued the United States in the months and years past. The bravery that it takes to be a teenager in 2022 and the years to follow will take an all-encompassing amount of bravery and will continue to require the support from loved ones, trusted adults, families, friends, teachers, and of course their community. It’s my hope that we, Vitalia North Royalton, are an addition to that support system as we aim to bridge an intergenerational gap and help ensure that no teens “fall through the cracks” of lacking a well-rounded support system.

There are many ways that our residents will benefit from building a relationship with the local high school. Our residents will be able to show the teens and local students in our community just #whatseniorlivinglookslike, as often coined in our social media posts. In breaking down these traditionally harmful stereotypes we not only start to deconstruct the intergenerational divide, but we also will start to build relationships that can offer students and residents alike a host of opportunities.

Vitalia Active Adult Community – North Royalton will continue to show their support in a lot of different ways this Back-to-School season and throughout the school year.

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