Consider the benefits of senior living while taking advantage of the best prices of the season!


VITALIA® North Royalton has the joy you’re seeking!

We are offering a new level of luxury and leisure. Our services mean that you suddenly have all the time you need to relax and pursue interests that make you happy. And with a community packed to the gills with amenities and a schedule filled with events, you will have ample opportunity to enjoy whatever you desire! Each day is filled with good times with friends, delicious food made just for you, and memorable events. Not only that, but our calendar of events is made using input from residents just like you! Want something specific added to the calendar? At VITALIA® North Royalton , you’re in control of your day, with support as needed.


Events & Entertainment

Are you ready to choose from a full calendar of events and social functions? VITALIA® North Royalton has a plethora of opportunities to nourish your lifestyle.

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Services & Amenities

When you move to independent living, you get to continue the lifestyle you’ve chosen for yourself, while having services and amenities available so you can focus on what you want to do.

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Weatherby’s Restaurant

Dining at Weatherby’s Restaurant is like going to your favorite restaurant for every meal. An expansive menu of 50+ always-available options, plus daily specialty dishes from the culinary world; breakfast to bistro, corner diner to 5-star cuisine.

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Wellness Services

There are a lot of reasons individuals consider senior living. Some enjoy companionship and the company of like-minded friends. Others need help with daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and driving. Many need some support with personal care as their physical needs increase. VITALIA® North Royalton can provide for them all!

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